The personal data within Erka Etkinlik ve Turizm A.Ş. (“Company”) is under the control of theCompany as a data controller. The Company takes the necessary technical and administrative measures,using its available technology and infrastructure facilities, to ensure that personal data is legally processedand securely stored within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”),

In What Way, For What Purposes and For Which Legal Reasons We Collect Your Personal Data

We collect your personal data from yourself and/or our business partners and contracted organizationsverbally, physically, or electronically, through automatic or non-automatic methods, through the callcenter, website or mobile applications.

Your personal data, consisting of name, surname, communication data, financial data, identity data, photo,passport and valid visa information, is processed subject to the legal reasons of “being explicitly stipulatedin the law, necessity to process the personal data of the parties of the agreement, provided that it isdirectly related to the conclusion or performance of an agreement, necessity for the data controller tofulfill its legal obligation,necessity of data processing for the establishment, exercise or protection of aright and necessity of data processing for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that itdoes not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject” specified in clauses 5/2 a, c, ç, e, fof the Law within the scope of the relationship you will establish with the Company and the service to beprovided by the Company and with the following purposes specified under:

  • Execution of sales processes of products and services, customer relations management, evaluationof requests and complaints, execution of campaigns, promotions, or promotion processes,
  • Providing our services to our customers through various channels (online, call center, office sales,etc.) within the scope of excursions, tours, and other activities.
  • Making your travel plans, reservations, rentals, and flights,
  • Carrying out operational procedures in order to provide the necessary services,
  • Carrying out the necessary procedures for obtaining a visa,
  • Confirming your identity,
  • Issuing invoice, waybill, and legal documents, forwarding them to our customers and managing thecollection process as a complementary process of the sales process
  • Ensuring the safety of travel and accommodation based on the importance of human life andensuring health conditions as required,
  • Managing the main operations of the sales process such as order, cargo shipment, ticket delivery,and conveying information to our customers through communication channels such as telephone,text message and e-mail,
  • Fulfilling the obligations regulated in consumer law, electronic commerce law, travel agency lawlegislation,
  • Evaluating and finalizing objections, suggestions, complaints, and feedbacks before, during andafter sales,
  • Answering membership/subscription/pre-sales questions and complaints through socialcommunication channels such as Social media, e-mail, web portal, web chat, telephone, whatsapp etc, face-to-face communication tools, sharing the information requested by our customer orcustomer candidate, making the necessary calculations
  • Carrying out customer satisfaction research, tracking, arranging, and improving customerexperiences and demands in order to increase service quality,
  • Auditing by accredited independent companies in order to provide certification as per the standard,and reporting the results to us,
  • Storing the information that is required to be kept in transactions such as membership / shoppingcarried out over the Internet,
  • Presenting all service history records as evidence in possible legal disputes

Transfer of Your Personal Data to Third Parties

Your personal data may be transferred to our suppliers and business partners, from whom we receivesupport in establishing, executing, and terminating your relationship with us, including the parties thatprovide products or services on our behalf and the parties we cooperate with to make you benefit fromproducts and services.

Your personal data may be transferred with domestic and foreign hotels, airline companies, transfercompanies and our similar suppliers and business partners in order to perform mandatory transactionswithin the scope of your travels and the services we provide to you.

Your personal data may be transferred with legally authorized public institutions and also privateindividuals within the scope of their authority.

Your personal data may be transferred abroad within the framework of the procedures and principlesspecified in Article 9 of the Law and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Board. In this context,your personal data may be transferred abroad;

  • With your explicit consent, or
  • If there is sufficient protection in the country where the data is transferred, in accordance with thedecision of the Personal Data Protection Board; or
  • If our company undertakes in writing of the necessary protection together with the Data Controllerin the relevant foreign country and the permission of the Personal Data Protection Board is obtainedwhen there is not sufficient protection in the country where the data is transferred.

Your Rights Under the Law on Protection of Personal Data

Pursuant to Article 11 of the Law, regarding your personal data, you have the right;

  • to get informed of whether the Company processes personal data about you or not, and to requestinformation about it, if it has,
  • to get informed of the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used inaccordance with the purpose or not,
  • to get informed of whether personal data is transferred domestically or abroad and to whom it istransferred to,
  • to request revision of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
  • to request to delete or destruct the personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated inthe relevant legislation,
  • to request third parties, to whom personal data has been transferred, to be notified of thetransactions made as a result of the request to revise, delete and destruct,
  • to object the emergence of a result against the person due to analyzing the processed dataexclusively through automated systems,
  • to request the loss to be compensated in case of a loss due to unlawful processing of personal data.

We will try to conclude your requests in your application within thirty (30) days at the latest, free ofcharge, in accordance with the nature of the request, however, if the process requires an additional cost forthe Company, we may charge you the fee in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

You may contact us via our contact information below to exercise the above-mentioned rights.

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