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Thanks to its groundbreaking and innovative technology solutions, Erka Group carries companies to the future with its expert, young and dynamic team.

Thanks to its groundbreaking and innovative technology solutions, Erka Group, with its expert, young and dynamic team, is carrying corporations to the future since its foundation in 2017.

With the vision of providing world class services through the most recent technological infrastructures, Erka Group is a strong and innovative player proceeding step by step to deploy its successes already achieved in its home country to the global scale.

With its Bizigo, Erka Mice and Erka Labs brands, Erka Group is proud of offering its tailor-made solutions in travel sector under one roof with great satisfaction and confidence.

Our Group is rapidly approaching its goal of becoming a global pioneer in travel and technology fields, with its ongoing investments and achievements.

Our vision is to provide our business partners and customers with the most recent and technological solutions for everyone to experience the world as well as creating long-term value for them via our innovation capability and our culture of operational excellence. We are working enthusiastically for the continuous development of this structure and creating value for all our business partners and employees whom we walk together. And we are rapidly transforming our company into a technology giant while expanding our digital access infrastructure by adopting a customer-oriented approach.

How we make our customers feel is our greatest priority. Our commitment and promise is being a business partner accessible at all times and offering the best experiences and business results with the utmost care and determination of our organization.

Serhat Kahraman

CEO, Erka Grubu

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What are the main fields of activity of Erka Group?

Erka Group is a technology firm offering end-to-end services in travel and related fields to thousands of customers and business partners with its Bizigo, Erka Mice and Erka Labs brands.

When was Erka Group founded?

Having started its activities in the year 2017, Erka Group is offering its services to thousands of customers and business partners with its experienced team and corporate experience gathered under a single roof. With its innovative and dynamic solutions and technological infrastructures of global standards, it has become the address of change in tourism and travel sector and has succeeded in reaching a position of technology firm offering global scale services in a very short time.

With its vision at all times open to change, development and transformation, and its end-to-end service approach, and its solutions resulting therefrom, it has already put its signature under many firsts in the sector, and has adopted the role of an innovative and transformative sector player. Having already become an internationally strong player by proceeding step by step in deploying its successes achieved in Turkey to the global scale, Erka Group is relying upon its abilities and skills to develop and offer advanced technology infrastructures, and is carrying the competition elements in the sector to a different dimension, and is frequently making an indelible impression in the market with great steps taken in a very short time.

Managing all travel and organization activities of giant corporations with its unique and innovative approach, Erka Group is producing tailor-made solutions for needs of its business partners in a very short time. Thus, it has not only established a permanent atmosphere of mutual trust in all of its collaborations, but has also become a player pioneering the digital transformaton of the sector.

What do Technology and Human mean for Erka Group?

Carrying out its technology developments and software activities with a very large and competent team, Erka Group is spending great sources and efforts for customization and artificial intelligence works in this area. Putting human at least as much as technology at the centre of all of its business activities, Erka Group is positioning and defining both its team and its customers as its partners of dream, and is adopting a perspective based on the idea that satisfaction of its customers is relied upon happiness of its employees.

What type of a team is Erka Group Team?

Erka Group has adopted a groundbreaking and innovative working style. All new projects produced from this point of view are giving a new impulse to the marketplace. For realization of all of these projects, it has established a young, dynamic and fully professional team.

Its strong, talented and competent team:

  • · A team of 56 members in the year 2018,
  • . A team of 67 members in the year 2019,
  • · A team of 98 members in the year 2020,
  • · A team of 167 members in the year 2021, and continuing to grow up in a rapid pace.

Erka Group is continuing to grow up with a momentum increasing every passing year by adding new teammates to its team.

What are the main brands of Erka Group?

At present, the brands being used and operated under the roof of the group may be listed as Bizigo, Erka Mice and Erka Labs. Furthermore, with its presently ongoing projects aiming to create revolutionary changes and transformations in the sector, it is showing great efforts with a high momentum and speed for laying the foundations of new businesses and brands in global scale.

Which services are offered by Bizigo?

Bizigo is a modern travel platform providing its more than one thousand corporate business partners with the opportunity to manage corporate travel process follow-up and management, reporting and billing operations from a single centre thanks to its past sector experience and its artificial intelligence based technological infrastructure.

Bizigo is offering end-to-end tailor-made solutions to all of its customers with a variety and range of services from the stage of creating the best and correct strategy and action plan to the point of management of the process most effectively and quickly for corporate travels of all of its customers.

Corporate travels are digitalized by solutions prepared with the advanced technology of Bizigo.

With Bizigo’s artificial intelligence based technology:

  • · Flight, accommodation, transfer and rent-a-car options may be easily displayed,
  • · Visa transactions may be completed,
  • · Costs may be calculated,
  • . The desired reports may be easily retrieved by a single click,
  • · With the help of Travel Advisors accessible from all corners of the world 7/24, the most appropriate tailor-made solutions may be presented to companies end-to-end, in a cost-efficient and planned manner throughout the travel time .

With creation of special travel policies for each company, systematic follow-up and monitoring of these policies, management of all of the corporate travel processes from a single platform, the opportunity of instant access to real time data regarding corporate travels, provision of special reports customized according to the needs of companies, and the opportunity to consult to travel advisors 7/24 without any additional fee, it is a pioneer and unrivalled set of digital solutions.

What are the fields of activity of Erka Mice?

Erka Mice, another brand name of Erka Group, with its dynamic team and excellent service approach, is a full service agency providing turnkey, innovative and tailor-made travel and activity management services to thousands of corporations and firms.

Having a young, research-minded and energetic team growing day by day since the year 2017, Erka Mice is offering its services in digital and hybrid media to its thousands of corporate business partners. With its services offered in many fields such as product launches, scientific congresses, corporate or customer meetings and training seminars, it is zestfully working for sustainable and permanent success of its corporate customers .

Erka Mice’s great achievements and organizations creating a big difference in the sector are natural products of its working principle focused on excellence and perfectness, aside from its flexible and dynamic management system open to improvement at all times. It is planning the activities and the complementary products and services by offering flexible and personalized solutions fit and adapted to the needs and goals of firms by also making benefit from its unmatched purchasing power.

With its creative team, Erka Mice is guiding the expectations and dreams of companies, and managing from A to Z the end-to-end processes of corporate activities, and is offering "Turnkey Services" to its customers.

Included within its fields of activity are a lot of online, offline or hybrid service areas such as:

  • · Product launches,
  • · Organizations for participation in scientific congresses and international fairs,
  • · Corporate or vustomer meetings,
  • . Training seminars,
  • · Gala dinners,
  • · Local, foreign and Cyprus group reservations.

In all kinds of activities categorized as corporate organizations, Erka Mice, with its proactive solutions and services, is at all times besides its customers and targets their sustainable business achievements.

For which goals does Erka Labs work?

Erka Labs is a technology brand offering its services in software technologies field with its specialized and experienced staff. While developing rapid and innovative technological infrastructure solutions, it is offering its services to its customers from a great many of different sectors aiming to make its customers digital pioneers in their sectors and to make sure that this success is sustainable.

Erka Labs with figures till date:

  • · 10 Million+ lines of code,
  • · 120+ Microservice designs,
  • · 12+ Global and local travel solutions.

Focusing its operations on software programs guiding the technology and sector, Erka Labs aims to further grow its brand through investments made in its organization and in development of its competences and skills .

Erka Labs is implementing the ideas and developments of its visionary team as brand new products and processes. It is further increasing its business potential with high added value by producing different solutions providing flexibility to its customers through its investments not only in its product development skills but also in its process and structure development abilities.

Through its global scale collaborations and projects which are still ongoing, it has covered a lot of ground for becoming one of the pioneer leaders in technology exporting technologies to the whole world.

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Our vision is to be a global company offering innovative and technological solutions facilitating the lives of humans.

Erka Group Values
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Our success is backed by our passion.

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A modern travel platform of Erka Grubu ensuring single-point tracking, managing, reporting, invoicing and supporting all of corporate travel processes in a few minutes.
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One-stop brand of Erka Grubu offering end-to-end innovative activity management services to thousands of corporations with its experienced team and operational excellence approach.
Tech brand of Erka Grubu offering services in software technologies field with its specialized and experienced team.
The holiday package e-commerce platform that brings a brand new breath to the travel industry is operated by Erka Grubu.

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