Employee Experience and Culture

Join us to experience becoming an Erka Group team member !

Erka Group, with its experienced team, is a technology company producing world class solutions for its thousands of customers and business partners, thanks to its brand new technological infrastructures.

Mobilizing its technology and human-based corporate culture and values in order to realize the dreams of its business partners and customers, Erka Group is endeavouring so as to present the best travel and related experiences and to facilitate the life in global scale.

Join us to experience becoming an Erka Group team member !

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Erka Wow Model
Our vision is
To be a global company offering innovative and technological solutions facilitating the lives of humans.
Our mission is
We are here to design and combine every idea and experience that enables businesses to realize their potential, in the easiest and most meaningful way, with end-to-end innovative ideas and technological solutions.
Our method is
We believe in working together as one for our purpose of existence as well as contstantly considering different points of views for our business.
Our team is
We are 'partners of dreams', and work in order to achieve the same target, and take our strength from our values.
Our values are
We create happiness with our business. We act as «We». We run towards success with passion. We strive for making better. We are partners of dreams. We believe in ourselves, and give confidence to our counterparty. One works for all, and all of us work for the future.

Erka Grubu Values
To create belief and confidence that he will perform his duties and responsibilities at the expected level, and will act consistently and in harmony with his colleagues. One works for all, and all of us work for the future.
To be open to new ideas; to develop creative suggestions for performance increase; to generate creative ideas; to easily see the links and connections between concepts; and to add value.
Continuous Development
To endeavour for development; to apply his specialization, knowledge and sincere interest for helping others in his own areas / in the areas of others. We are partners of dreams.
Determination to Succeed
At all times to aim to be better with faultless and high quality in his job duties and results and to develop himself. We strive for doing better.
To succeed together
To act with the consciousness of succeeding together and in the interests of his group/team. Our success is backed by our passion.
Customer Happiness
Knowing that the experience of each internal/external customer is sui generis and distinctive, to design all processes, products and services in such manner to meet their expectations and make them happy. We act as ‘We’.
Be a team
To work in his team/unit and between teams/units in solidarity and with team awareness. We believe in ourselves, and give confidence to our counterparty.
Bizigo Logo
A modern travel platform of Erka Grubu ensuring single-point tracking, managing, reporting, invoicing and supporting all of corporate travel processes in a few minutes.
Mice logo
One-stop brand of Erka Grubu offering end-to-end innovative activity management services to thousands of corporations with its experienced team and operational excellence approach.
Tech brand of Erka Grubu offering services in software technologies field with its specialized and experienced team.
The holiday package e-commerce platform that brings a brand new breath to the travel industry is operated by Erka Grubu.

Our Brands

Bizigo Logo
Mice Logo
Bizigo Logo